Special thanks

Splatoys has been quite a journey and we need to give a special thanks to a few people for their assistance in our journey.

Cory Kramer

Cory is a close friend and he has helped with design. Our logo was created by him. You can find him @corycollectables, @corykramergraphics, and @completelycory on instagram.

Kay May

Kara is a designer toy collector and customizer. She helped us learn about how to promote more and work more efficiently. You can find her @kaymaycreates on instagram.


Joseph is one of the creators of another figure called "mon". He has helped advise us of different aspects of running a company and has been a big inspiration! You can find him @theamanjadon, @originalmon on instagram.

Yoda Matt

Matt is a friend of ours and he has been consistently helpful with communication, ideas, and just being overall helpful. You can find him @yodamatt and @yodamattcustoms on instagram.